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Postdoctoral Fellow

Adam Etinson: In the summer of 2011, Dr. Etinson finished his DPhil degree in Philosophy at the University of Oxford. His thesis, entitled “Human Rights and the Problem of Ethnocentrism”, defended an epistemological interpretation of the problem of ethnocentrism, and suggested two limited respects in which ethnocentrism can be avoided in moral argument. It was supervised by Professors Jeremy Waldron, John Tasioulas, and Roger Crisp.

Dr. Etinson works mainly in the philosophy of human rights, but also has research interests in related areas of moral and political philosophy, including theories of liberalism, toleration, cosmopolitanism, and moral epistemology. For more information about his research and current projects, see his website.


Research Assistant

Joshua Keton: Joshua Keton received his BA in Philosophy from Temple University. He is currently a doctoral student in Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center.  He has served as a reviewer for the Journal of Social Philosophy and Assistant to the Director of the Center for Global Ethics and Politics at the Ralph Bunche Institute. His current research focus is on human rights, global justice, international law, constitutionalism, and legal interpretation.



Student Fellows
Natalie Axton, Liberal Studies
Brandon Aultman, Political Science
Elvira Basevich, Philosophy
Rachel Brown, Political Science
Gina Campelia, Philosophy
Elena Cohen, Political Science
Ken Courtney, Philosophy
Emily Crandall, Political Science
Hadassah Hill, Liberal Studies
Humayun Kabir, Political Science
Laura Kane, Philosophy
Joshua Keton, Philosophy
Fanny Lauby, Political Science
Belinda Lett, Political Science
Jamie Lindsay, Philosophy
Gerry Martini, Political Science
Adam McMahon, Political Science
John McMahon, Political Science
Kamran Moshref, Political Science
James Park, Philosophy
Kristofer Petersen-Overton, Political Science
Ashley Pichon, Political Science
Carolyn Plunkett, Philosophy
Adam See, Philosophy
Carissa Veliz, Philosophy

Faculty Fellows

Mitchell Aboulafia, Philosophy, Manhattan College
Linda Alcoff, Philosophy, The Graduate Center and Hunter College
Mucahit Bilici Sociology, John Jay College
Moustafa Bayoumi, English, Brooklyn College
Mark Blasius, Political Science, The Graduate Center (Emeritus) and LaGuardia Community College
Susan Buck-Morss, Political Science, The Graduate Center
Alyson Cole, Political Science, The Graduate Center and Queens College
Paisley Currah, Political Science, Brooklyn College
Elizabeth Emens, Law, Columbia Law School
Jeffrey Flynn, Philosophy, Fordham University
Nanette Funk, Philosophy, Brooklyn College (Emerita)
Els de Graauw, Political Science, Baruch College
Joanna Grossman, Law, Hofstra University School of Law
Leonard Feldman, Political Science, Hunter College
Christine Kelly, Political Science, William Paterson University
John Lenz, Classics, Drew University
Robyn Marasco, Political Science, Hunter College
Eileen L. McDonagh, Political Science, Northeastern University
Michael Menser, Philosophy, Brooklyn College (Fall Semester only)
John Mollenkopf, Political Science and Sociology, The Graduate Center
Sally Engle Merry, Anthropology and Law, New York University
Jill Norgren, Political Science, The Graduate Center and John Jay College (Emerita)
Helena Rosenblatt, History, The Graduate Center
Sibyl Schwarzenbach, Philosophy, The Graduate Center and Baruch College (Fall Semester only)
Arlene Stein, Sociology and Women and Gender Studies, Rutgers University
Bryan Turner, Sociology, The Graduate Center
Dov Waxman, Political Science, The Graduate Center and Baruch College (Spring Semester only)
Eric Weitz, incoming Dean of Humanities and the Arts, City College of New York

Program Assistant
John McMahon