The Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series reading group, organized by Postdoctoral Fellow Adam Etinson, gives participants a chance to discuss readings suggested by seminar speakers in a more casual setting.  The group meets one week before each seminar event.  This page will be frequently updated with any changes to the schedule.

Meeting 7: Joan Wallach Scott’s talk, “Secularism and Ethnic Bias
  • Time and date TBA (in Jan. 2013)
  • Selected reading: TBA
Meeting 6: Seyla Benhabib‘s talk, “Transnational Legal Spheres and the Construction(s) of ‘Cultural’ Difference”
  • Monday, Monday, Nov. 26 from 2.15-3.45pm. Room 5109.
  • Selected reading: Chapters 1 and 9 from Professor Benhabib’s Dignity in Adversity (Polity, 2011).
Meeting 5: Abdullahi An-Na’im’s talk, “Beyond Minority Politics: American Muslims and Citizenship”
  • Tuesday, Nov. 11th, from 2:15-3:45.  Room 5109.
  • Selected reading: 2 chapters from Professor An-Naim’s forthcoming book, What is an American Muslim? (Oxford University Press). 
Meeting 4: Ranier Forst’s talk, “Toleration and Democracy”
  • Tuesday, Nov. 6th, from 2:15-3:45.  Room 5109.
  • Selected reading: Professor Forst’s article, “The Limits of Toleration,” published in Constellations, Volume 11, Issue 3, pages 312–325, September 2004.
Meeting 3: Rogers Smith’s talk, “Liberalism: Private/Public Spheres, Critical Race Theory, and Immigration in the United States”
Meeting 2: Anne Norton’s talk, “Postcolonialism, Islam, and the West”
  • Thursday, Oct. 4th, from 4.30-6pm.  Room 5109.
  • Selected reading: Chapter 5, “Terror and the Muslim Question,” from Professor Norton’s forthcoming On the Muslim Question.
Meeting 1: Azizah al-Hibri’s talk, “Developing Islamic Jurisprudence in the Diaspora: Balancing Authenticity, Diversity and Modernity”
  • Thursday, Sept. 6th from 4.30-6pm.  Room 5109.
  • Selected reading: Professor al-Hibri’s “Is Western Patriarchal Feminism Good for Third World /Minority Women?” published in Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?, ed. Susan Okin (Princeton University Press, 1999)